Earn to Die Super Wheel Screenshot

Earn to Die Super Wheel


Earn to Die 2 Super Wheel - Can you make your way through a territory full of zombies? It will not be easy, but if you regularly refine the parts of the vehicle, you will surely get on and on. Do you deal with each situation? A new Earn to Die 2 Superwheel game for boys and girls about zombies. Today they will get into the car and start pressuring different monsters. The essence of the game is to get to the destination. Then the players will move to the second round. The machine must be operated using the arrow buttons. Since the fuel is not enough for the whole road at once, you will have to periodically pump the car in the game - Earn to die superwheel. To do this, players just need to go into the garage and see what the menu offers. You can also install a new engine, buy wheels and so on. At the top of the screen there is a bar that shows the entire path passed.

How to play?

The main control keys are arrow buttons. Press the up button to move your car to the discard. Press the down button to press the button. Use your left and right arrows to adjust the vehicle's tilt.